Son Dam Bi’s Last Romance Was Two Years Ago

In an interview for Joong Ang Newspaper, Son Dam Bi confessed that the last time she dated was two years ago.

“The relationship didn’t last long and I didn’t have any chance to date someone else,” Son Dam Bi said.

Son Dam Bi’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, is known to have a strict dating policy. When the reporter asked if the singer was restricted to be in a relationship, Son Dam Bi answered, “No, the policy was long gone. I don’t usually hang out in places where most celebrities go. Maybe that is why people think I am under restriction. I like hanging around at places like Dongdaemoon Shopping Center or privately with my close friends.”

Son Dam Bi continued, “One day I felt really lonely and twitted, ‘I am so lonely.’ A male fan replied to the post quickly, ‘How about me?’ The reply made me happy because I realized that I wasn’t alone. I had my fans around me.”