Baby Star Mason Moon Looks Fancier than Lee Gwang Soo

Mason Moon tweeted a selca with actor Lee Gwang Soo on his Twitter page. The post was posted under the title “Lee Gwang Soo and me together.”

The three Moon siblings were invited to the VIP premiere event for the movie “Tone-deaf Clinic” in Seoul.

In the posted picture, Mason leans against the sofa and looks charming. He looks charismatic with one hand holding a V-sign. On the other hand, Lee Kwang Soo, who is much older and taller than Mason, is seen less flashy than Mason.

Many netizens found the picture interesting, “Mason Moon has grown so much!” “Mason looks so chic,” “Lee Gwang Soo appears shy behind Mason!” and “Mason looks more celeb than Lee Gwang Soo!”

On the same day, Mason snapped a photo with teen actor Yeo Jin goo who also came to the VIP movie premier.