Rainbow’s Jisook Is First Intern to Replace Leeteuk on “Strong Heart”

Girl group Rainbow’s Jisook has been selected as the first intern that may become the replacement for Leeteuk in SBS’s “Strong Heart.”

To fill the position that has recently become vacant due to the enlistment of Super Junior’s Leeteuk, “Strong Heart” has auditioned approximately 300 idol group members. Starting with Jisook, there will be different interns appearing in each episode, and after each intern had his or her turn, one will be chosen as the permanent replacement.

On the episode that aired on November 20, Jisook made her appearance as the first intern in a very unusual manner; in a bag. When Super Junior’s Eunhyuk showed everyone a bag, the guests wondered if anyone could really fit in it. Then suddenly, Jisook came out of it and surprised everyone.

Jisook introduced herself and sat beside Eunhyuk. She then stated energetically, “I will learn from Eunhyuk, and will do my best to become the permanent replacement.”

In addition to Leeteuk, Kim Hyo Jin also had to go on a maternity leave. Therefore two to three of the interns may also be chosen to become permanent panel members.