Super Junior’s Eunhyuk’s Mom Is Interviewed After the Scandal

It’s been a little less than 2 weeks since the IU-Eunhyuk scandal that rocked the K-Pop world. IU, known as the nation’s little sister since her breakout song “Good Day” in 2010, saw a dip in her image with the controversial picture she accidentally (?) posted on her twitter, and which she took down a couple hours later.

On November 22, style magazine “Styler Housewife Lifestyle” had a chance to meet up with Eunhyuk’s mother for a one on one interview.

She has recently opened up a bakery and anyone will know who’s her son just by looking at the interior. The mother explained, “Whenever the parents of a member opens up a store, the fans would help with the interior design like this. When Yesung’s parents opened up their cafe, the fans helped with the decorating” showing her appreciation and pride in the love her son receives.

There were many congratulation flowers and gifts sent for the recent opening, but one of the gifts stood out from the rest. It turns out Lee Seung Gi also sent one as well. Eunhyuk’s mother shared, “I heard that the two [Eunhyuk and Lee Seung Gi] are close. Celebrities in the ‘86er line would meet up once in a while.”

The interviewer brought up the scandal and the mom talked sparingly, “Eunhyuk doesn’t tell me about those things. He has always took care of that pretty well in the past..”

One worker at the bakery revealed, “Eunhyuk has always been a good son and works hard. Not only him, but his whole family.. they’re all kind.”

Meanwhile, the full interview with regards to the two idol can be found in the December issue of “Styler Housewife Lifestyle.”