Kim Hee Sun: “I Regret Becoming a Celebrity When My 4yr Old Daughter’s Face Got Criticized By Netizens”

It’s already been 6 years since actress Kim Hee Sun announced her marriage and left the entertainment world to focus on her family. She had a chance to sit down for an interview with Newsen after wrapping up her comeback drama “Faith.”

Kim Hee Sun opened up, “In the past, people would be more interested if celebrities kept quiet about their private life because it was mysterious. But things seem to change now and if there’s no news about someone, the public would just forget about them. Don’t know why I was so busy back then, but I rarely visited my fan sites.”

She went on, “Nowadays, I would visit my fan sites and even upload a selca. It doesn’t even take a minute. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in the industry for a while, but I had a thought. It only takes 1 minute to make the people who love me be happy, and let them have the opportunity to say good things so why didn’t I invest 1 minute for them? Even though I’m old and it’s a bit gross, but I nowadays actively try to share my selcas with my fans.”

A lot of things happened this past 6 years for Kim Hee Sun. She became a wife and also a mom. “Now that I became an ahjumma, I talk more,” she laughs. She also asked, “Doesn’t my husband look great? Even my husband says he looks good. (Laughs) Of course there will be days when we argue, but overall he’s nice. There can’t be disagreements between couples. And my daughter is pretty because she’s my daughter so I revealed her to the public, but I do have feelings of regret.”

She explained, “Even if people say she’s pretty or ugly, she’s beautiful because she’s my daughter and therefore I shared pictures of her. But I saw negative comments about her. I really regretted sharing her photos and also that I became a celebrity. ‘Why did I become a celebrity so that my daughter would receive so much criticism?’”

Still sad from recalling the situation, she went on, “My daughter takes on after her dad. It’s satisfying seeing them together and that she looks just like him. If I’m to have a second child, it would be great if it’s a son who looks like me.”