JYJ’s Jaejoong Talks About Ex-Girlfriend He Dated for Almost 5 Years

On November 21, Jaejoong sat with Star Today for an exclusive interview to promote his new movie, “Jackal Is Coming,” and talked about his past relationship that lasted almost five years.

“A lot of people spend tough times during their trainee days. It was extremely hard for me too, but I had someone that I really liked, someone that I dated. But everything was just too much pressure back then, and we had to part ways,” Jaejoong said.

In fact, in the movie, “Jackal Is Coming,” Jaejoong plays the role of a top Hallyu star that gets kidnapped by a killer hired by his ex-girlfriend. Asked if he ever had a similar experience, Jaejoong said, “Well, when I was young, I dated someone for 4 years and 8 months. But in order to achieve my dreams, I had to move to Seoul, and we ended our relationship. Even after I debuted as DBSK, we kept in touch. But she first told me that it would be better not to keep the relationship any longer.”

He continued, “Honestly, I wanted to remain friends with her, but I don’t think she was able to do that. But she’s someone in my memories so I’ll remember her for the rest of my life.”

Jaejoong also talked about his vocal skills prior to his debut. “When I first passed the audition, my vocal skills weren’t that good. Junsu is the witness,” he said with a smile, “I didn’t have much money so I walked a lot, and sang along the songs on my CD player. I think that helped me become who I am now.”