Lee Seung Gi Attends Baking Class with Mom

Multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi reinforced his “Um-Chin-Ah” image by sharing with the viewers that he learns how to bake with his mom.

On November 21, a reporter of SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” interviewed Lee Seung Gi on set. She asked him since he’s already at the top of acting, singing and variety shows, if there’s anything else he wants to try. He replied that he wants to try cooking.

Lee Seung Gi shared, “It’s been a year since I would cook during my spare time. I learned how to bake as well. I would receive baking lessons with my mom at a bakery. The teacher there told us that ‘this is the first time I saw a mother and son like this.’”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi just released his 5.5 album “Forest” and is currently preparing for his concert.