S.E.S. to Hold Fan Meeting to Celebrate 15th Anniversary

The original “fairy-idol” group S.E.S. will hold a fan meeting to celebrate the fifteen years that passed since their debut.

Bada (Sea), Eugene, and Shoo will hold a fan meeting on November 24 at 6pm in Seoul. It’s been fifteen years since they debuted in 1997, and although it’s been ten years since they disbanded, the women will be reuniting for their fans.

A representative of S.E.S. told Star News, “They are setting up this event with a thankful heart for the fans that have sent them love the past years. Instead of meeting with a lot of fans they will hold a small meeting to have a good time with the fans.”

The last S.E.S. fan meeting was held in 2007 to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their debut. While the members are currently pursuing their own activities, they have maintained a good friendship with each other and with their fans.

Currently Bada is preparing for a new members and Eugene is busy as an actress and MC. Shoo is currently preparing to debut as a musical actress.