YG Releases Lee Ha Yi’s “Scarecrow” Lyrics

Rookie singer Lee Ha Yi released her second song “Scarecrow” on November 22.

Yang Hyun Suk, head of YG Entertainment, uploaded a picture of the lyrics for the highly anticipated song “Scarecrow” on the YG official blog. The scan of lyrics paper has drawings on it that were scribbled by the young singer herself.

On the paper Lee Ha Yi has highlighted some phrases as notes for when she performs and even drew some cute pictures of a mouse and a scarecrow. This scarecrow is a little different than the official one for the song but the young singer takes credit for both drawings.

The song is already getting attention since it was composed and produced by Park Jin Young, the head of JYP Entertainment. JYP and YG may be rival companies but the two CEOs were co-judges on “K-Pop Star” where Lee Ha Yi was one of the finalists.

The song was composed for a YG artist a few years ago but due to some circumstances the song was put on hold. The song was a favorite of the CEO and for him to give the song to the rookie singer shows his affection for her.

“Scarecrow” is a slow ballad that Lee Ha Yi makes her own with her youthful but also soulful husky voice.