APink’s Jung Eun Ji Can Climb On Walls

Recently on an online community webpage, it was revealed that from a past video of “APink News” from the TrendE channel, that the girl group APink’s Jung Eun Ji can climb on walls. Jung Eun Ji said, “Before, my mom didn’t want me to learn the Taekwondo because she thought I was already too much of a tomboy. So during one summer vacation, I learnt it for two months.”

The singer further added, “When my mom was not in the house, I enjoyed walking on the walls,” and as she said it, she started to demonstrate one of her wall-climbing skills which surprised both her members and the filming staff. As she was climbing, she sang their debut “I Don’t Know” in the voice of politician and singer Huh Kyung Young which brought unanimous laughter.

Netizens who watched the clip commented, “Wow I can’t believe that’s her hobby,” “She is so good at it,” and “She looks cute climbing up that wall.”