Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub Dress Up for Christmas Spirit!

On November 21, Jo Sun Hee uploaded a picture on her twitter with the following caption, “I met Shin Min Ah the Rudolph and So Ji Sub the Santa today. We wish everyone an early merry christmas!” 

Front and center, Shin Min Ah is wearing an eye-catching costume that is a festive green with antlers to help identify her as a reindeer. Despite wearing a costume that is not revealing or feminine, Shin Min Ah still manages to look absolutely adorable with her dimples framing her bright smile. So Ji Sub to her left is also decked out in a complete Santa suit, long white beard with horn-rimmed spectacles to boot. The two celebrities make a cute costume pair with Santa and his trusty Rudolph. The group of celebrities look cozy and ready to attend a costume party. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Only Shin Min Ah would be able to pull off a costume like that!” and “If no one had pointed out that So Ji Sub was the guy dressed up as Santa, I would have never guessed.”