Ji Sung Looks Dapper in Latest Photo Shoot for Allure

Photos from actor Ji Sung‘s fashion cover photoshoot for the December issue of Allure are now available. Ji Sung managed to surprise the photoshoot staff with his intuitive knack for coming up with striking poses with less than a year of experience in modeling.

In one of the photos, he hides his face behind a newspaper with two holes cut out for eyes and lowers the newspaper to reveal his handsome grinning face, playing almost a game of “peek-a-boo” with the enamored onlooker who cannot bear to tear their eyes away. In the last photo, the angle of the camera is above the actor who is undoing his necktie and gives the camera a smoldering look of seduction. 

For the interview he gives to the Allure editor, Ji Sung shares briefly about filming for SBS drama “The Great Seer” and movie “My PS Partner.” When asked if it was too much to handle in terms of scheduling he shared advice for how he maintains his health despite such a stressful schedule with taking vitamins and other healthcare advice bits. 

In addition, Ji Sung’s “My PS Partner” is scheduled to premiere on December 6.