Yoo Seung Ho Receiving Attention Again for Resembling So Ji Sub

Yoo Seung Ho, who debuted as an actor at the tender age of 7, was nicknamed little So Ji Sub during his rookie days for his resemblance to the older actor. They have filmed quite a few CFs together for their similar looks, a somewhat similar craze little PSY is experiencing making appearances in shows all around the country and broadcast stations because he’s dubbed as “little PSY.”

Now that he has successfully transitioned from child actor to adult actor with his latest role in MBC’s rollercoaster drama “I Miss You,” the public has a renewed interest in how he would resemble So Ji Sub since he has physically grown.

Recently, an online community site posted a topic titled “Yoo Seung Ho really looks like So Ji Sub” to re-compare the two actors. Although holding a rather softer image than So Ji Sub, Yoo Seung Ho’s overall image still resembles the older actor.

Can you tell who is who from the pictures below?