Why Did Girl’s Day Shed a Bucket Full of Tears on TV?

Girl’s Day recently shed a bucket full of tears, becoming a hot topic online.

On the episode of “Beatles Code 2” that aired on November 19, singer Hong Seo Beom and girl group Girl’s Day guest starred and shared many witty and interesting stories and discussions.

Girl’s Day’s Yura was asked to choose her ideal type among the “Beatles Code” MCs and guest Hong Seo Beom. Hong Seo Beom was last on her list, which meant he had to wear a poop shaped hat as punishment.

When the MCs asked Yura if she wanted to make any more changes to her list, Hong Seo Beom angrily said, “That’s enough.”

He continued, “That’s enough. I said let’s just sing and end this quickly but why are you asking weird questions?” as he took off his hat and threw it on the floor.

Then he added, “When I told my kids that I was going on ‘Beatles Code’ they told me, ‘Dad, I hope you look great during the episode,’ but if you guys talk in this way, what do I become?” He then got up from his seat and started to leave.

Hong Seo Beom kept snapping at Yura by saying, “Why are you laughing?” Then, the atmosphere quickly turned sour and he suddenly asked for a break from filming. The Girl’s Day members were shocked by this behavior and started to apologize by saying, “I’m sorry, sunbaenim (senior).”

The MCs persuaded Hong Seo Beom to at least finish with a song for the sake of the show. So Hong Seo Beom started to sing “Hotel California” by The Eagles.

After a few lines, Hong Seo Beom changed the lyrics to, “Don’t cry Yura and just come here. This is a hidden camera of ‘Beatles Code.'” It turns out, everything was all a set-up by Hong Seo Beom and the “Beatles Code” staff team to prank the Girl’s Day members! After the girls learned this truth, they couldn’t hold back their tears any longer.

Netizens who watched this episode commented, “Girl’s Day were made into fools!” “Girl’s Day’s bucket of tears were so cute,” “This hidden camera prank felt so real,” “He shouldn’t have done that!” and more.