FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki: “CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun Received Plastic Surgery”

Lee Hong Ki, the vocalist of FT Island, revealed that fellow labelmate Lee Jong Hyun received plastic surgery.

On November 23, the FT Island members made a guest appearance on MBC Music’s “All the Kpop.” MC Park Jae Min asked the members if any of the FT Island members had plastic surgery.

Leader Choi Jong Hun commented, “Our team, as well as CN Blue, as well as our family at FNC didn’t undergo plastic surgery.” When Lee Hong Ki heard this, he inserted, “Isn’t there someone in CN Blue? Ah, no there isn’t” and tried to cover up his slip up.

MC Boom couldn’t pass up on the opportunity and asked which CN Blue member received surgery. To this, Lee Hong Ki replied, “Because Lee Jong Hyun’s ears weren’t pretty, he received plastic surgery.” Other FT Island members were surprised about the revelation.

This episode will be aired on November 23 at 11pm (KST).