FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun Confesses He Is Currently in a Relationship!

FT Island’s maknae, Song Seung Hyun, confessed that he is currently dating.

Song Seung Hyun and his fellow FT Island members recently recorded an episode of MBC MUSIC’s “All the K-Pop” where they shared stories about their past relationships. During the episode, MC Boom started, “I’m good friends with the members of FT Island, so I know that all five member recently broke up with their girlfriends. They’re all single right now.”

However, Lee Hong Ki looked over at Song Seung Hyun and stated, “I wonder if Song Seung Hyun is single.” Boom added, “If you have a girlfriend but say that you don’t, she’ll be sad,” which led Song Seung Hyun to admit, “Yes, I have a girlfriend.”

MBC MUSIC’s “All the K-Pop” starring FT Island will air today, November 23.