Lee Jae Hoon Shares Special Message and Military Photo

Actor Lee Jae Hoon uploaded a photo of himself in a military uniform on his official Facebook page.

According to People Entertainment, the photo was taken right after Lee Jae Hoon was dismissed from his basic military training boot camp at Nonsan Army Training Boot Camp. The four week basic military training is the first mandatory step taken to enter the army.

On his Facebook page, Lee Jae Hoon also left a message to his fans, “Hello! How are you all doing? I just finished the basic military training and I am on my way to the next location. It has become very cold. Before you go out, remember to wear winter clothes and stay healthy! I really miss you all. I have to go now. Everyone, take good care!”

Lee Jae Hoon in the picture looks as handsome as before enlisted. The star will be transferred to Seoul Police department and work as a conscripted policeman.