Kim Tae Woo: “I Secretly Turned Down a 6 Billion Won Offer During My Idol Days”

Singer Kim Tae Woo shared about an incident that happened during his days as an idol.

On the most recent filming of SBS’s talk show “Go Show,” Kim Tae Woo made a guest appearance for the “Miracle Voice II” special segment. On this day, he revealed for the first time on air about the “6 billion won” (~$6 million) story.

At the time when he was part of idol group g.o.d, he received an incredible offer through his father. Although it was an offer beyond his dreams, he decided to turn it down without telling his team members.

Kim Tae Woo also bragged about his lovely wife and shared her charming sides both during the day and night. He also talked about several episodes leading up to the wedding, causing much jealousy from the other male guests.

Meanwhile, it’s been informed that Son Ho Young and Yoon Kye Sang have shared some big news shocking everyone in the studio.

This episode of “Go Show” will be aired on November 23 at 11:05pm (KST).

Soompiers, do you think it was smart that he turned down such a big amount and did that show his loyalty to his members? And what could the other 2 members announce that can shock a studio? Are they getting married?