Song Joong Ki Shares His Ideal Girl Checklist

His popularity currently at an all-time high, Song Joong Ki easily commands the center of any woman’s attention.

On November 23, he was eating at a restaurant in Seoul to celebrate his movie’s achievement in drawing over 5 million viewers. It was during the celebration when he opened up about his ideal girl.

Song Joong Ki shared, “My favorite female style is a woman who has sense. After sense, it’s her face and lastly it’s her personality. I prefer a woman with sense more than how she looks.”

One reporter asked, “Do you not look at the body?” He responded, “The body is part of the face package,” causing quite a few laughs at the table.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Young and the “A Werewolf Boy” director and staff attended the celebratory meal.

Soompiers, anyone here fits the bill?