Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Dyes Her Hair Purple?

Sunny, from popular group Girls’ Generation, makes a drastic transformation.

An online community site recently posted a topic titled “Purple Hair Sunny” and uploaded a picture taken from the “SM Town Live World Tour III” concert held on November 23 at The Float at Marina Bay.

Inside the picture, Sunny has a cream-color cap yet it didn’t manage to cover her newly dyed purple hair. She hides behind black shades and has on comfortable clothes, clueing in that the picture was taken during the rehearsal.

Netizens who saw the picture shared their deep curiosity by commenting, “Did Sunny dye her hair?” “That’s why she covered herself up like that at the airport,” “Sunkyu is currently experimenting with her hair,” “It looks like it will be pretty,” “It probably will look good since her face is white,” “I’m curious,” “Please show us!”