IU Goes Sexy for 2013 Japanese Calendar

Recently on an online community, a picture of IU appeared with the title “IU 2013 Japanese Calendar Cover.” The revealed photo is in fact from IU’s 2013 Calendar, in which she collaborated with a Japanese fashion magazine to look back at 2012.

The revealed cover photo shows the previously unknown mature and sexy side of IU, turning her back to look at the camera. She is wearing a black fun coat and pulled it down below her shoulders to expose her bare shoulders and collarbones. She also made a change in her make up with bright red lipsticks. 

The fact that she is shooting pictorials and trying to publish 2013 calendar, working with well-known fashion magazine and photographers prove that IU is garnering much attention in Japan as she did in Korea. Netizens commented, “IU, are you trying to get rid of your pure image?” “She’s a grown up now,” and “I never thought I’d find IU sexy.”