MC Boom to Release New Song “You Were Pretty”

Multi-talented entertainer Boom will return as a singer with upcoming digital single, “You Were Pretty.” Boom’s agency TN Entertainment told that Boom has finished recording and mastering work on his upcoming song.

“You Were Pretty” is written by popular hit-song maker Kim Kun Woo (also known as Secret. K), who previously wrote MC Mong‘s “Hurts Like Death,” and Supreme Team‘s “Then, Then, Then.” Boom is preparing to surprise his fans by changing his style of music from powerful, humorous hip hop to more sentimental, sorrowful rap, narrating about a break up with “You Were Pretty.”

Boom first made his debut as a singer but became more well-known as a variety entertainer throughout his career. Fans and colleagues are already paying close attention to Boom’s upcoming song “You Were Pretty,” as his big transformation is foreshadowed.