Kim Tae Hee Is a Loving Aunt

Photos of Actress Kim Tae Hee in a CF with her adorable nieces have recently surfaced online. Stills from the CF show another side of Kim Tae Hee that fans have yet to see in her work as a model and actress – a loving aunt! In the first still, she is lovingly tucking the children into bed like a mother hen; and in the other two, she watches them as one of her nieces decides to jump from underneath the covers with arms outstretched in a typical expression of child-like excitement for getting time to play with her famous aunt. 

Netizens who saw the photos commented with, “I am so jealous! I wish Kim Tae Hee was my aunt”, “I wonder how beautiful her girls would be if Kim Tae Hee were to become a mother?”, “Kim Tae Hee seems like she has a beautiful personality to match her outer beauty”, “She looks adorable with her nieces”, “I can see hearts coming out of Kim Tae Hee’s eyes!” and “I wish I could be one of Kim Tae Hee’s nieces!”

In other news, the actress’ latest role in SBS drama, “Jang Ok-Jeong Lives in Love” is schedule to air sometime next March.