Singer Juniel Captures The Hearts of Male Fans Everywhere

On November 20, Juniel released her second mini album titled, “1 & 1,” which contains songs that were written from her young and sweet 20-year-old point of view. Songwriter and singer, Juniel clutches her acoustic guitar close as she sings the tales of a girl who journeys to find herself. From her lovely long tresses to her classic one-piece dresses that are both stylish and youthful, Juniel is endearing to netizens and fans alike, earning her the nickname “Nation’s younger sister.” 

Despite being often dismissed for her similarities with IU, who also strums an acoustic guitar and is around the same age as Juniel- the singer has been able to establish her own presence in the music industry as a serious artist who has a voice of her own and a story to tell. 

Juniel also impressed viewers with her stunning acting skills in the music video for her newest track, “Bad Man” where she portrays a young girl in a princess dress shedding tears for a man she loves. The immense popularity of the track is reflected on online musical ranking charts everywhere before Juniel gave her comeback performance.

On November 23 of KBS’ Music Bank, Juniel will be performing “Bad Man” as part of her comeback.