Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Shines at a Wedding

Girls’ Generation’s member YoonA was spotted at a wedding.

Recently on an online community bulletin board, several pictures of YoonA were uploaded under the title, “YoonA’s pictures at a wedding.”

In the pictures is YoonA, who was a guest at an acquaintance’s wedding. With her large black polka dot sweater, a pair of thick framed glasses, and a black hat, YoonA looks youthful and beautiful. In a few pictures, she is holding a baby and appears to be enjoying herself.

Netizens who saw these pictures praised, “She is wearing comfy clothes, but she still looks gorgeous,” “Love the picture of her with a baby,” “YoonA looks beautiful even without any makeup,” “She is so pretty.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation has recently released their new album “Flower Power,” which has reached number four on ORICON single daily chart.