Juniel’s Special Promotional Event for Her New Song

Rookie singer Juniel has comeback with a new song “Bad Person,” and has started a new project to promote her song.

This “Bad Person” project, which will occur via Twitter, has started on November 22.

The title of her first idea is “A person who litters is a bad person.” What the fans need to do is to send a picture of themselves picking up garbage on the street.

For her first event, Juniel twitted, “The streets nowadays are full of garbage. Whoever doesn’t pick up these litters is a bad person!” She also uploaded a photo of herself with a fake tear and a piece of crumpled paper in her hand. Many of fans have already re-twitted to this adorable message.

 Juniel will provide total of three ideas one at a time and her fans will be asked to take a relevant picture and send it to her. Juniel will pick the winner for each idea and will send a gift.