“Iris” Jung Jun Ho Talks About His Divorce Rumors

On OBS’s “Strange Celebrity News,” actor Jung Jun Ho opened up about his divorce rumor. He started by stating, “I had no idea before I got married, but afterward I realized how scary a rumor can be. My divorce rumor started from nothing, and yet it became so big as if it was true.”

Jung Jun Ho continued, “However, I realize that as a celebrity, our lives can’t be completely private. That’s just the way it is, and what I need to do is to be smart and strong. I am a relatively outgoing person and don’t often get stressed, but sometimes when my drama or film isn’t successful, I feel so guilty. But I always try to think positive.”

Jung Jun Ho added that in the past he experienced depression and agoraphobia.

On this interview that aired on November 23, Jung Jun Ho also discussed his wife’s miscarriage and other rumors.