Yuri Hides Among Fans to Watch a Rehearsal

Girls Generation’s Yuri tricks all of her Thailand fans!

On November 23, SM Entertainment updated its official Twitter page with a photo, “Yuri is surrounded by SM fans and watched the rehearsals with them in Bangkok. What will Singaporean fans think when they find this out?”

In the posted photo, Yuri is wearing black sunglasses and hides her face around with a denim jacket. Yuri is standing in the middle of the crowd while fans are busy cheering and taking pictures of SM celebrities. Meanwhile, Yuri poses cutely at the camera with a happy smile on her face.

Netizens commented on the released photo, “Oh my! I wish I was there,” “This is so funny! The fans don’t notice her!” “Is Yuri pretending to be one of the fans?” and “I wouldn’t have noticed Yuri either.”