Kim Hee Sun Immobilizes Streets of Myeongdong

On November 23, actress Kim Hee Sun of the drama “Faith” drew a large crowd with a fan signing at Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong. The makeup brand model and actress wowed her fans with her incomparable beauty as she signed autographs and took pictures with them.

For each autograph, Kim Hee Sun thanked her fan and even wrote personalized notes on the pictures. When a father asked for an autograph for his sick son she wrote “Well wishes for your recovery” and personalized it for him.

Even at the beginning of the sign session, it’s been said that a long line of hopeful fans formed. Fans from China and Japan lined up with the local fans to have their personal autograph and moment with the internationally popular actress.

The actress signed autographs for over an hour. She said, “Even though my arms hurt from writing and my jaws hurt from smiling for the photos, it was a joy to meet and greet my fans eye to eye.” She added, “I want to hold more of these kinds of events in the future.”