Actor Song Joong Ki Says He Strives To Live with Integrity

On November 23, at a Seoul restaurant where all the cast and staff of “A Werewolf Boy” held a press luncheon, Song Joong Ki had a chance to share some personal details about himself- including thoughts on his personality apart from his characters.

When one of the reporters asked Song Joong Ki to tell them what his personality was like, he replied, “I simply live my life by saying only what is needed, and that sort of defines my personality.”

He went on, “I always tell myself to remember that I am not living my life for anyone else except for myself. I try to live my life with decisiveness, avoiding being wishy-washy or straddling both sides of the line.”

Netizens who read the interview commented, “Song Joong Ki is the definition of cool”, “An honest and sincere Song Joong Ki is attractive” and “He’s definitely a guy who goes with the flow.”