2AM’s Jo Kwon Sends His Love to Fans Who Prepared Buffet in His Name

On November 24, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon tweeted the following photo with the caption, “Wow! When I came to get food, I was surprised! You always amaze me! All of the fans who helped put together this wonderful food for the staff to eat heartily and return to rehearsal, thank you!”

In the photo, Jo Kwon makes a heart with two arms over his head to show his appreciation for the buffet his fans have organized for him and his staff. The banner over his head reads, “[Jo] Kwon has paid for the food. Please enjoy your meal!”

Netizens who saw the photo and tweet commented, “Jo Kwon is adorable”, “Jo Kwon took a proper thank you photo for his fans!”, “He must have been so happy to receive the buffet”, “Was the food good?” and “Jo Kwon fans sure are something else.”