Courts Rule in Favor of JYJ’s Agency for Lawsuit Filed Against Them By Asia Bridge Contents

JYJ‘s agency has won a long going lawsuit that was filed against them by an album distribution company, which asked the agency for 1 billion won (around 1 million dollars).

Album distribution company, Asia Bridge Contents, asked for a refund of 1 billion won of production fees as well as the album profits from JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment. However, the courts ruled in favor of C-JeS.

In April of 2010, Asia Bridge Contents supplied an advance payment of 1 billion won to C-JeS for JYJ’s album, “The Beginning” through a joint contract with “Producer K.” Asia Bridge Contents sued C-JeS, claiming that the agency has joint liability with “Producer K” and asked for a refund.

However the courts ruled, “‘Producer K’ received this advance payment independently in order to carry on the business with C-JeS. This matter must be resolved between Asia Bridge Contents and ‘Producer K’ and does not involve C-JeS.”