MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Admits He Finds Haunted Houses Scary

On November 24, on MBC‘s entertainment program season four of “We Got Married,” MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon confessed, “The day I went to the haunted house, I couldn’t sleep that night.”

After one week of traveling abroad for promotional activities, Lee Joon finally met up with his wife Oh Yeon Seo to go on a date to see the Han River. When they finally got to the bridge overlooking the water, they shared a romantic view of the city and asked each other if they had any secrets.

Lee Joon was the first to confess, “After going to see the haunted house with you, I was so scared I couldn’t fall asleep when I got home. So I turned on all the lights and waited until my eyes got heavy” causing the viewers and Oh Yeon Seo to laugh at her husband’s adorable frankness. 

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