Oh Yeon Seo’s Mother Says She Would Date Lee Joon in Another Life

On the latest episode of MBC‘s season four of “We Got Married,” MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon took Oh Yeon Seo out to dinner after wrapping up a recording session of “Radio Star” together on November 24. 

On their dinner outing, Oh Yeon Seo revealed to Lee Joon that her mother had told her recently that if she had been reincarnated or born again in another life, she would like to date Lee Joon. She explained, “My mother must have been touched by how you treat me on the program that she thinks you’re simply adorable” causing Lee Joon to turn more than one shade of lighter pink.

Lee Joon then looked at the camera and sent this video letter to his wife’s mother saying, “I am healthy!” which caused the viewers and staff to laugh at his shy response. 

WGM fans, how do you like this couple so far?!