WGM Couple Kwanghee and Sunhwa Share More Skinship

On the latest episode of MBC‘s fourth season of “We Got Married” that aired on November 24, Sunhwa and Kwanghee went on a special date to explore a mural village. As they walked and soaked in the beautiful scenery, they had the opportunity to get their hands on a couple tubes of paint and took photos of their budding chemistry as a couple. 

In one of the stills shown, Sunhwa rides on the shoulders of Kwanghee as she paints the branches of a tree onto the walls. In one of the captions, Sunhwa jokingly threatened Kwanghee to keep her steady or else her expensive face would be hurt if they both toppled over. In the remaining stills, Sunhwa and Kwangee draw on their opposite cheeks two halves of a heart that become one when they put their heads together. The only thing that draws your attention away from the adorable couple’s face-painting are Kwanghee’s black lips that make him look goth. 

The sight of the couple having skinship and growing comfortable with one another caused netizens and staff members alike to cheer on for the young couple and their married life.