Gorgeous Yoo Seung Ho’s New Nickname is “CG Man”

The female fans adore the actor Yoo Seung Ho in the new MBC’s drama “I Miss You.”

In this drama, Yoo Seung Ho plays the role of Hyung Joon who loses a mother but ends up meeting the love of his life, Soo Yeon, played by actress Yoon Eun Hye. Hyung Joon is a cold and private man except to Soo Yeon to whom he shows love and kindness.

Due to his good looks, Yoo Seung Ho has gained a nickname of “CG Man.” Currently in Korea, “CG Man” is a new term that refers to a man who has a beautiful face and therefore does not require their pictures to be photoshopped.

His fans who heard this news replied, “Yoo Seung Ho looks even more handsome than before,” “He is indeed a ‘CG Man,’” “I watch the drama just to watch Yoo Seung Ho,” “I can’t wait for next Wednesday.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho has recently received a lot of attention due to his resemblance to actor So Ji Sub.