Son Dam Bi vs. HyunA: Who Is the True Sexy Queen?

On the MBC’s “Show! Music Core” that aired on November 24, singers Son Dam Bi and HyunA showed off their signature sexy performances.

With a skin tight black mini dress to show off her beautiful legs, Son Dam Bi’s performance of “Tears Falling” was undoubtedly sexy. In addition, the unique dance moves imitating the falling tears were both sensual and artistic.

On the other hand, HyunA’s performance was more on the cute side. With a comfortably layered outfit, HyunA showed off her youthful style. She also wore a pair of hot pants to display her long legs. Instead of the high heels most female singers wear, HyunA chose a pair of running shoes.

Netizens who saw both of these singers’ performances replied, “HyunA is cute and sexy, while Son Dam Bi is sensual and sexy,” “Totally different styles, but both are so beautiful,” “They have such gorgeous legs,” “I guess you have to be born lucky to have legs like theirs.”

Who would you pick – Son Dam Bi or HyunA?