FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki Catches The Sunrise

On November 25, FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki tweeted a photo with the following caption, “The sun’s up!”

As seen in the photo, Lee Hong Ki cranes his neck back as he attempts to capture the orange hues spreading from the sunrise behind him as he raises his device as far above his head as he can. The backdrop is breathtaking, with the purple mountains and orange-pink sky meeting to form a beautiful horizon. Hong Ki appears to be in some kind of park or country side with a spectacular view. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Hong Ki, you’re adorable”, “Did you take a trip to see the sunrise?” and “I wish I could have gone with you!”

In other news, Lee Hong Ki is currently taking part in Mnet‘s “Mnet Countdown” and is also filming as the lead for the movie, “Phoenix.”