Super Junior Eunhyuk Calls Kang Ho Dong a “Junior”

Has Super Junior’s Eunhyuk touched Kang Ho Dong’s nerve?

On the SBS “Star King” that was broadcasted on the 24th, Eunhyuk and fellow group member Shindong were guests on the show. As Eunhyuk is not a regular on the show these days, he said, “I came here on ‘Star King’ to give a good laughter to the audience.” He further added, “And also, because this show is hosted by our junior Ho Dong,” which brought huge laughter both among the audience and guests.

At one point when the singer said to MC Kang Ho Dong, “Do you want to leave SM Entertainment?” Kang Ho Dong quickly responded, “Let’s not talk about the office,” which again made everyone on the set laugh.

After his short-term break, Kang Ho Dong signed up with SM Entertainment and started his MC career again. Super Junior is also one of the many entertainer groups of the same agency. But Super Junior signed with SM earlier than Kang Ho Dong, technically, making the comedian a “junior” to Super Junior members.