f(x) Krystal Looks Like Jessica and YoonA

On her me2day in the morning of November 25, girl group f(x)’s member Krystal uploaded four pictures along with a short message, “Good Morning.”

In the pictures are Krystal and her fellow f(x) member Victoria gazing at the camera. Despite the fact that they are not wearing any makeup, they still show off their perfect natural beauty. With playful expressions and gestures, Krystal and Victoria look adorable in the photos.

The fans who saw these pictures replied, “They look so pretty without any makeup,” “Krystal resembles both Jessica and YoonA of Girls’ Generation in these photos,” “It’s so unfair how good they look with no makeup.”

Meanwhile, f(x) has recently participated in “SMTown Live World Tour III in Singapore” on November 23.