New Albums And Singles Preview – 2012 November Week 4

DBSK – Humanoids: Catch Me, Repackage (released)

01 Humanoids
02 Catch Me
03 Here I Stand
04 Viva
05 Destiny
06 Like a Soap
07 I Don’t Know (Korean Version)
08 Dream
09 How Are You
10 Getaway
11 I Swear
12 Gorgeous
13 Good Night

DBSK returns with a repackaged album titled, “Humanoids.” There are a total of thirteen tracks including ten previously released songs and two new numbers including the titular, “Humanoids.” This song has diverse rhythmic patterns and is of the hybrid electronic genre. The song holds lyrics about keep moving forward. The other new track in this album is “Here I Stand,” an another exciting dance number with electronic sounds.

Lee Seung Ki Vol. 5.5 – Go Back (released)

01 Intro
02 Go Back
03 Forest
04 To Say I Love You
05 Invitation to Me

The prince of ballads, Lee Seung Ki has joined hands with singer songwriter, Epitone Project for his latest mini-album titled, “Go Back.” The title track is of the same name and listeners will be able to hear the addictive melody and beautiful lyrics on first listen. Anyone can relate to this song which is about reminiscing about one’s happiest days and past. Another song worth mentioning is “Forest” which will allow listeners to imagine themselves to be in the woods.

Yang Yoseob (Beast) – The First Collage (Nov. 29)

01 Look At Me Now
02 Caffeine (feat. Yong Jun Hyung of Beast)
03 Do As You Always Have
04 But Still I
05 You Don’t Know

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B2ST’s main vocalist, Yang Yoseob makes his debut as a solo artist with his first mini-album, “The First Collage.” The title track is “Caffeine,” a sad number featuring fellow B2ST member, Yong Jun Hyung. This song holds lyrics about a man who misses his lover who has left him. The guitar melody and the singer’s vocals harmonize well in this song. Another song in this album is “Look At Me Now,” a trendy electronic number.

Hwayobi mini-album – I Am (released)

01 I’m Dangerous
02 I Like It
03 I Live Like This
04 What Makes Me Go Crazy (Feat. Illinit)

Singer songwriter, Hwayobi returns after a year with a new mini-album, “I Am.” There are four songs with the title track being, “I’m Dangerous.” It is a British pop number with unique beats and a flowing melody line. The song is about the state of confusion one is in as they feel hatred and love at the same time.

Gavy NJ – Pretty (released)

01 Pretty
02 Introduce
03 Lady Killer
04 Loved a Friend’s Friend
05 At Garosugil (feat. ARA)
06 Cleaning (Gavy NJ & Postmen)
07 Don’t Contact Me (Feat. LE of EXID)
08 Pretty (INST)
09 Lady Killer (INST)
10 At Garosugil (INST)

Gavy NJ makes a comeback with a repacked album titled, “Pretty” this year. The title track is of the same name and is a sad song about a woman who sees her ex-lover happy after breakup. It is said that lyricist, Min Yeon Jae’s friend personally experienced this. This pop ballad was composed by Min Myeong Ki.

Lee Ha Yi (single) – Scarecrow (released)

01 Scarecrow

Lee Hi releases her second single titled, “Scarecrow” this year. Composed and penned by JYP, this R&B ballad number which YG had saved up for several years, was finally given to Lee Hi. The singer does a great job bringing out the lyrics with her deep vocals.

Lee Jung (single) – Thank You (released)

01 Have You Loved
02 Have You Loved INST

Lee Jung, who has made his name known once more through the show, “I Am a Singer 2” has released a new single, “Have You Loved” as a gift for his fans. Anyone can relate to this ballad which holds lyrics about one-sided love. The song was composed and penned by 5 o’clock.