Lee Seung Gi Plays Comedian Shin Bo Ra’s Boyfriend on “Gag Concert”

Recently returned balladeer Lee Seung Gi appeared on the most recent episode of “Gag Concert” where he brought about much laughter through his “heo dang” (a person who is always a bit off and easily confused) character.

Lee Seung Gi guest starred in the popular corner, “Discovery Of Life” on November 25 as comedian Shin Bo Ra‘s new boyfriend. Lee Seung Gi gave much laughter to the audience through his witty humor and his signature “heo dang” charms. Fans also experienced envy as Lee Seung Gi played the part of Shin Bo Ra’s boyfriend as he hugged her in an affectionate way.

Another comedian, Song Joon Geun asked, “You worked with female stars like Shin Min Ah and Ha Ji Won so do you even view Shin Bo Ra as a woman?” Then Lee Seung Gi replied, “Well, I really can’t distinguish her back from her front…” and “She does resemble an insect…” in a playful manner.

Song Joon Geun also playfully criticized Lee Seung Gi for appearing on SBS’s “Running Man,” which is a rival program to KBS “Gag Concert.” Song Joon Geun mentioned that Na Young Seok PD, who directed KBS’s “1N2D,” was in the audience and that Lee Seung Gi should watch out. But to that, Lee Seung Gi replied, “That’s alright, he quit when I did,” which made everyone laugh.

Lastly, Lee Seung Gi sang a parade of his hit songs such as “Because You’re My Girl,” and “Will You Marry Me.” Lee Seung Gi recently released his 5.5 album “Forest,” which is enjoying high rankings on music charts.