Song Ji Hyo is Sexy and Free-Spirited for Singles Magazine

Song Ji Hyo recently posed for a sexy pictorial. She was featured in the December edition of “Singles” fashion magazine where she showed off her thin and toned body. Eyes were drawn at her sexy charms, which is the opposite of what she shows in the popular variety show, “Running Man.”

In one photo, Song Ji Hyo is walking along the beach at sunset with a black, long knit sweater and shorts. Her toned thighs and her beauty shone even more with the beautiful nature.

In another photo, Song Ji Hyo dons a funky coat and a brown wide brim hat along with high-waisted shorts for a natural hippy look. Her ombre hair color gave her that free-spirited look.

In the last revealed photo, Song Ji Hyo shows off her thin waist by wearing a floral shirt under a brown fur vest. Her strong and smokey makeup gives her an edgy and sexy look.

Sources from the pictorial commented, “Even though the weather was hot, Song Ji Hyo didn’t complain at all but even cheered up the staff.”

Song Ji Hyo’s sexy pictorial and interview can be found in the December edition of Singles and on their home page.