2AM Members Perfectly Dress in Drag as SISTAR

2AM sent waves of laughter along the way by dressing in drag for a perfect parody of SISTAR.

On November 24, 2AM threw a concert, “The Way Of Love,” at the Seoul Olympic Park Hall. As part of a surprise performance, 2AM dressed up as girl group SISTAR and sang “Alone.”

All four members of 2AM dressed in SISTAR’s signature “Alone” performance outfits: bright red dresses with a slit on the side. The 2AM members even sported red high heels to go along with the dress. Even Seulong, who was in a wheelchair due to an injury, dressed up in this red outfit along with the other members.

Fans were delighted by Jo Kwon showing off his shapely legs, which could be mistaken for a woman’s legs. Fans were also doubled up with laughter when they saw Jinwoon and Changmin’s bursting thighs through the tight dress.

What an awesome drag performance!