Kara’s Nicole Shows Off Her Lovely Eyes in Recent Selca

On her Twitter in the afternoon of November 25, Kara’s Nicole released a photo along with a message, “To celebrate our return to a music show, I have uploaded a selca. What do you think of my hair? I’m sure you’ll all check us out on TV.”

In the picture is Nicole with her signature smile that reaches her beautiful eyes. With her smoky eye makeup and wavy hair, Nicole gazes into the camera and looks lovely.

Netizens who saw this selca admired, “She is so lovely,” “She looks so pretty when she smiles,” “Will you be on ‘Inkigayo’?” “So feminine,” “The camera must be way above her,” and “So cute.”

Meanwhile, Kara has completed their album promotion in Korea and Japan, and each member is now working individually.

How do you like Nicole’s new look?