A-JAX Delight Fans with Friendly Attitude

A-JAX got friendly with their fans. At a recent signing event to celebrate the release of their comeback mini-album, “2MYX,” A-JAX members treated their fans to a memorable afternoon by not merely signing on their CDs but interacting and taking pictures with them as well.

The signing event was held on November 24 at a bookstore in Ilsan, where 150 of A-JAX fans got the chance to meet the group in person. The event was on a first-come, first-serve basis only, and some fans showed their love for the seven-member all-male group by coming from different countries.

The 100th fan was treated to a particularly special surprise as she got a big hug from A-JAX members.

“We welcome the opportunity to meet many fans and to create unique events for fan service, too,” A-JAX said through a statement quoted in local news agencies.

A-JAX is still currently promoting “2MYX” on music programs.