Taeyeon Cheers on Shinhwa: “Jun Jin Oppa Diligently Works and Even Farts”

Even though Shinhwa has been around for a long time, now known as the longest lasting idol group in South Korea (and did you know that they’re a product of SM Entertainment?), they probably never received a letter from any of their fans like the one Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon gave pretty recently.

On November 25, an episode of JTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast” appeared on air. This episode covered each member’s individual skills that they showed and received love from the public during the last 14 years. Jun Jin’s “special talent” received much attention because, although a natural occurrence, is quite daring on national television: farting.

Fellow member Kim Dong Wan mentioned, “The members of Girls’ Generation gave us a CD as a gift and Taeyeon wrote a specialized note for Jun Jin saying, ‘Jun Jin Oppa, I’m watching ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ well. You’re really working hard. You even fart.’”

While the members were laughing recalling the situation, Jun Jin innocently asked, ‘“Have you ever received that kind of CD before?” making the whole group howl with laughter.