Moon Geun Young Appears to Speak Fluent French on “Cheondamdong Alice”

On the first episode of upcoming SBS drama “Cheondamdong Alice” is to reveal Moon Geun Young’s character’s perfect resume. According to the resume, Moon Geun Young’s character, Han Se Kyung, graduated from a prestigious university with a 4.2 GPA. Furthermore, she holds high scores on several linguistic exams.

During the interview for a fashion designer, Moon Geun Young was asked to reply to an interview question in French, “Can you tell me your principles and beliefs in French?” Moon Geun Young started to reply back in a long French phrase, “L’effort est ma force. C’est cela mon credo…”

The drama staffs said they were very impressed by Moon Geun Young for memorizing the long script – in French! The scene was smooth and perfect. One of the staff members said, “We sent her the file in French about two weeks ago, and she memorized it perfectly. She is such an amazing actress.”