Suzy Wants to Become a Girl like Ramen Noodles?

On the November 25 episode of MBC “Section TV Entertainment News,” miss A’s Suzy guest-appeared for an interview over brunch. During the interview, she was asked if and how she keeps her diet to maintain her body fit.

“I usually eat whatever I want. But I skip dinner from time to time,” Suzy said. “Especially, when I’m hungry at night, I enjoy eating ramen noodles.”

She added, “I want to become a girl like ramen noodles – a girl that you can’t reject.”

Later, when asked to pick a female celebrity she admires, Suzy picked Lee Hyori, and when asked to share the body part she’s most confident about, she oddly said, “My shoulders.”

Upon seeing the show, netizens commented, “There’s a reason her bodyline is perfect,” “I don’t like ramen Suzy,” and “That’s right Suzy, you’re just irresistible.”