Goo Hye Sun Introduces Her Lovely Cat

Goo Hye Sun has been spotted cuddling with her dog Gamja (potato), and now she presents her cat, Ssam (wrapped rice)! 

Actress Goo Hye Sun tweeted selcas of herself and her pet on November 26. She also left the explanation of the pictures, “Let me introduce my adorable ‘Puss in Boots’ and me together! Don’t we look alike?” Goo Hye Sun revealed four pictures. In each photo, the actress looks extra relaxed in her comfy clothes and natural looks. She poses cutely with Ssam.

Netizens who saw Goo Hye Sun’s Twitter commented, “Goo Hye Sun shines even if she doesn’t decorate herself,” “They look alike. You two are adorable!” “I also love cats!” and “Goo Hye Sun looks prettier than Ssam.”

Recently, the actress has been busy with her self-directed short movie, “Peach Tree.” Moreover, director Goo Hye Sun is invited to attend the “2013 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festivals.”